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Physical Education Institute of Jimei University

Physical Education Institute of Jimei University, formerly known as Fujian Institute of Physical Education. In 1994, five colleges in Jimei College village were merged to form Jimei University, and Fujian Institute of Physical Education became one of the colleges, now known as Physical Education Institute of Jimei University. School covers an area of 160 mu, the campus at the age of flowers and trees, the four seasons pleasant scenery, has a teaching experiment building, standard track, with 8 m platform standard swimming pool, hundreds of meters of plastic rain runway, plastic basketball court, and then went competition and training venue, comprehensive training venue, volleyball, tennis court, gym, sandaguan, table tennis hall, badminton hall, weight room and other facilities. There are sports education, Martial arts and ethnic traditional sports, social sports guidance and management, sports training, etc., among which the ethnic traditional sports is rated as the characteristic major of Fujian Province. The first-level discipline of physical Education is a key discipline in Fujian Province, with the right to grant first-level master degree in physical education. There are 120 full-time teachers, including 15 professors, 40 associate professors, 15 doctors, 8 international judges and 21 national judges. There are more than 1400 full-time students in the school.

(Above data as of April 2021)

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